I have just returned from Ukraine to meet long lost relatives and had an absolutely fantastic time. Andriy, the owner of Western Ukraine Tours was our tour guide/ Interpreter and I could not recommend him enough. Andriy is very professional at what he does but he is also very easy to...

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About us

 At West Ukraine Tours we are sure that what we do is much more important than business. Our goal is to help our clients make their world more complete by filling in the gaps caused by the lack of information about their roots. We are happy to help people find their past and we consider it to be absolutely rewarding. At West Ukraine Tours we are certain that one has to find their true way in life in order to be happy and successful.

Our News

My GGGrandfather's House in ancestral Ukraine

What was my GG grandfatherís life like? What kind of place did he live in Ukraine? What was the house like? Where did they cook and how did they heat the house? What was the babyís cradle like? What kitchen utensils did they use? What kind of premises were around the house and where was the livestock kept? What were the tools they used in everyday life? What did they grow on their garden? What kind of clothes did they wear?

Transcarpathian Hell

Extreme bathing in mineral water is one of the local highlights in Lumshory village. Lumshory is located in Perechyn Region, Transcarpathia Oblasít. Itís about 50km from Uzhgorod, surrounded by beech and pine forests.

Embroidered Towels in Lutsk

The longest Ukrainian hand embroidered towel (rushnyk) will be presented in Lutsk, Volyn Region on May 8. Dedicated to the celebration of Motherís day, the second Ukrainian Festival of Hand Embroidered Towels will be taking place in Lutsk on May 8.

Ukraine is Our Passion

We will show you our beautiful Ukraine and let you see it from an insider’s point of view. West Ukraine Tours are proud of how the many nationalities from our complex history have woven a colorful tapestry: Ukrainian, Jewish, Polish, Russian, German and Asian cultures blended over time and conflicts to make Ukraine unique. We are adept at explaining and illuminating our sometimes contradictory past with accuracy, empathy and understanding.

Every Trip We Organize Is 100% Personalized

Our clients’ interests and needs are carefully taken into account both at the level of tour planning and during the trip. We will also help you prepare for your adventure with educational readings, trip preparation hints and ideas as to how to make the trip fun as well as rewarding. If desired, the schedule can be changed on the go – we are totally flexible.

We Are Highly Qualified in Genealogy Research

We know the best means to conduct research in church and/or governmental archives and locate surviving descendants who may still live in Ukraine. We derive satisfaction in helping people to reconnect with their lost homeland and relatives.

We Adhere to Western Service Standards

Members of our small West Ukraine Tours team are proudly Ukrainian. Each have also lived and worked in Western Europe. Our team members are fluent in English, Ukrainian, Russian and Polish. We know the way to success is through exceptional service characterized by courtesy and responsiveness at every level of customer interface. This begins with the first e-mail, Skype or telephone call.

We are Reliable and Scrupulously Ethical

One of our corporate goals is to deliver a high class product and service that exceeds your expectations. We therefore invite your inquiries and encourage you to conduct your independent “Due Diligence” investigation. You will discover that at West Ukraine Tours, “Our Word is Our Bond”.

We are Affordable

When you consider our cost estimates you will discover we are a value added operation. Our integrity and professionalism will warrant your business and our reasonable costs will surprise you.