We just returned home visiting family in Uzhorod that Andriy was able to locate. I provided him with several old letters from the 1970s, pictures that were 30-40 years old & a very sketchy family tree. Andriy traveled to Uzhorod & located family. We took my 75 year old dad to...

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Genealogy Research

Western Ukraine Tours is proud of our success in helping many people to answer the mysterious questions of the past. We specialize in genealogy research and establishing the lost connection with relatives or descendants of relatives who stayed in Galicia, Volynia and other parts of our big Ukraine.

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My GGGrandfather's House in ancestral Ukraine

What was my GG grandfatherís life like? What kind of place did he live in Ukraine? What was the house like? Where did they cook and how did they heat the house? What was the babyís cradle like? What kitchen utensils did they use? What kind of premises were around the house and where was the livestock kept? What were the tools they used in everyday life? What did they grow on their garden? What kind of clothes did they wear?

Transcarpathian Hell

Extreme bathing in mineral water is one of the local highlights in Lumshory village. Lumshory is located in Perechyn Region, Transcarpathia Oblasít. Itís about 50km from Uzhgorod, surrounded by beech and pine forests.

Embroidered Towels in Lutsk

The longest Ukrainian hand embroidered towel (rushnyk) will be presented in Lutsk, Volyn Region on May 8. Dedicated to the celebration of Motherís day, the second Ukrainian Festival of Hand Embroidered Towels will be taking place in Lutsk on May 8.

Why is genealogical research different in Ukraine?

Why is genealogical research different in Ukraine?

Metric record keeping, formerly conducted by churches, ceased with governmental changes brought about by WWI, social unrest, political disarray, Revolutions and change of borders. As a consequence, records were lost, destroyed or simply were not kept. Special diligence and archival experience is required to 'pull together threads' of information surrounding fragments of documents, photographs, letters and family verbal histories. West Ukraine Tours has a wealth of such experience and is prepared to help you in your quest for documentation of baptisms, births, funerals, weddings, etc., as well as help you learn about the area your ancestors are from.

Whatever your requirements are, our genealogy research services in Ukraine can be adopted to suit them.

Western Ukraine Tours can

  • locate your ancestral village/town/city
  • visit your ancestral town in Ukraine to conduct, translate and transcribe interviews of local citizens, town authorities and church officials conducted on your behalf
  • research the cemetery and find graves of your relatives
  • locate the ancestral house or the place where the ancestral house used to be
  • locate surviving descendants who may still live in Ukraine.
  • perform research of church and governmental archives of all over Ukraine to document key events in life your ancestors
  • do translation of documents written in Latin, Russian, Ukrainian and Polish including different dialects and old styles
  • translate your correspondence with relatives
  • take digital pictures of places and documents and send them to you
  • compose your family research report including all the detailed information we find out

You are welcome to contact us and submit your inquiry

We will be happy to send you a report on your genealogy research in Ukraine and many pictures from the ancestral land

Also, you may be interested in learning about our exclusive and unique Virtual Tour To Your Ancestral Village which lets you see you grandparents’ lands while staying in your own home.