I have been very pleased with the work that Andriy has done for me. When I received his report, I was ecstatic, thrilled and very happy. I was amazed at the thoroughness of his work and how many people he spoke to to realize the information he did. He took over 100 pictures of the...

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Virtual Tour

West Ukraine Tours offers a unique service for those who would like to make a virtual journey to Ukraine. It is A Virtual Tour to Your Ancestral Village, your visit to the village in Ukraine where your ancestors were born which gives you a chance to walk the footsteps of your ancestors while staying at your own home.

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My GGGrandfather's House in ancestral Ukraine

What was my GG grandfatherís life like? What kind of place did he live in Ukraine? What was the house like? Where did they cook and how did they heat the house? What was the babyís cradle like? What kitchen utensils did they use? What kind of premises were around the house and where was the livestock kept? What were the tools they used in everyday life? What did they grow on their garden? What kind of clothes did they wear?

Transcarpathian Hell

Extreme bathing in mineral water is one of the local highlights in Lumshory village. Lumshory is located in Perechyn Region, Transcarpathia Oblasít. Itís about 50km from Uzhgorod, surrounded by beech and pine forests.

Embroidered Towels in Lutsk

The longest Ukrainian hand embroidered towel (rushnyk) will be presented in Lutsk, Volyn Region on May 8. Dedicated to the celebration of Motherís day, the second Ukrainian Festival of Hand Embroidered Towels will be taking place in Lutsk on May 8.

A Virtual Tour to Your Ancestral Village is a 30 min. custom made video about your village and your family in Ukraine. It is both uploaded for you and sent on a DVD disk in a box with a special cover decorated with the pictures of your village and shots from the video by regular mail.

I am sure that it’s a wonderful way to pass the knowledge about the ancestors to your children and it can be a great present for the family on some special occasion.

This way you can see the village where your ancestors were born and its surroundings. You will learn about the history of the village and see its nowadays life. You will meet locals and listen to their stories, enter the church your family went to and visit the local cemetery.

As an aditional option, your Virtual Tour to Your Ancestral Village can be combined with the research of your family roots On your behalf we will research cemeteries, interview local senior citizens, village authorities and priests to find your lost relatives while touring the village.  

Please, contact us learn more details and book your personal Virtual Tour to Your Ancestral Village in Ukraine. We will take all your special desires and interests into account.