A life long dream was fulfilled in September, 2011 when I visited Western Ukraine. After reviewing Andriy's website and after the first few emails with him, I knew he was the ideal guide for me. The main purpose of my trip was two-fold 1)- to follow-up on the genealogical research I...

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At West Ukraine Tours we derive great satisfaction when we look back and realize that every inquiry we received was treated with all possible seriousness, every research was conducted with diligence and desire to leave no stone unturned, every trip was organized with love and devotion. You are welcome to read the opinions of our clients who decided to share their experience with you. We are always happy to provide you contacts of people who used our services and can tell you what it was like in details Ė just contact us to let us know.

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My GGGrandfather's House in ancestral Ukraine

What was my GG grandfatherís life like? What kind of place did he live in Ukraine? What was the house like? Where did they cook and how did they heat the house? What was the babyís cradle like? What kitchen utensils did they use? What kind of premises were around the house and where was the livestock kept? What were the tools they used in everyday life? What did they grow on their garden? What kind of clothes did they wear?

Transcarpathian Hell

Extreme bathing in mineral water is one of the local highlights in Lumshory village. Lumshory is located in Perechyn Region, Transcarpathia Oblasít. Itís about 50km from Uzhgorod, surrounded by beech and pine forests.

Embroidered Towels in Lutsk

The longest Ukrainian hand embroidered towel (rushnyk) will be presented in Lutsk, Volyn Region on May 8. Dedicated to the celebration of Motherís day, the second Ukrainian Festival of Hand Embroidered Towels will be taking place in Lutsk on May 8.

Exploring Ukraine's Castles - Lutsk

Castles are often included into the tours of Western Ukraine by tour guides and they are among the most popular sites visited by both local tourists and foreign guests . There are about 116 castles left in Ukraine left, they are mainly concentrated in the western part of the country.

The Day of Lviv Celebration - 2011

Many attractions are waiting for Lviv guests and citizens in spring. The Lviv Day will be celebrated with traditional flourish on May 7-9. Knights in armor, actors on stilts, childrenís music bands and orchestras, the municipal and amateur theatres, horse drawn carriages with little angels, folk dance groups, sport and youth organizations and thousands of people will be taking part in the grand carnival. Check the location and preliminary list of events

Karen McPartlan, USA

We just returned home visiting family in Uzhorod that Andriy was able to locate. I provided him with several old letters from the 1970s, pictures that were 30-40 years old & a very sketchy family tree. Andriy traveled to Uzhorod & located family. We took my 75 year old dad to visit his newly found first cousin , great nephew & their families.

It was a dream come true for my Dad to see where his mom & dad lived, to meet family, & for me and my husband to gain a deeper understanding of my heritage. It was a beautiful experience that would never have been possible without Andriy. Andriy is truly "the best" at what he does - links families together. He helped my dad achieve his wish. I can't thank Andrij enough for his kindness, hard work, professionalism and enthusiasm. The family in Uzhorod spoke highly of him & now consider him a friend. Andriy is in a class all by himself.
Karen McPartlan

Country: USA

Marika Potter, Australia

I found Andriy Dorosh on-line. He was the answer to what I was looking for. Finding lost relatives and also driving me to the village they came from,on my recent visit to Ukraine from Australia. I now consider Andriy to be my friend and he feels like part of my family.

Needless to say,my lost relatives thought he was pretty special,also. I found Andriy very professional and noticed that he clearly enjoyed working with people. I spent three days with Andriy and felt very comfortable in his company. I also found him to be an excellent driver/researcher/interpreter/excellent English language skills etc,etc. I highly recommend Andriy for any services you may need in Ukraine. I certainly found him to be 1st class!

Country: Australia

Nestor, Susan, Sophie and Devin Golets

Hi Andriy
We have to echo the sentiments expressed on this site. Andriy was our wonderful driver, guide, translator and friend on our recent three-day tour of my mother's birthplace in western Ukraine. More than a friend, Andriy became a part of our family and Susan even wants to adopt him! Andriy clearly loves working with people and doing everything to help trace their family heritage.

From opening official doors to search the local registry office, to patiently assisting with even the tiniest travel details and requests, Andriy's knowledge and guidance was invaluable. But most importantly, Andriy's passion and generosity shone through in the many ways he helped us to locate and communicate with long lost relatives. Andriry, we cannot speak highly enough about you and Western Ukraine Tours and look forward to meeting again, either in Ukraine or Canada.
Love, Nestor, Susan, Sophie and Devin

Country: Canada

Jill Castelan, Australia

My husband and I recently visited several Towns in Western Ukraine
on a Family Roots Search. We were searching for Records and evidence of Family Members dating back to mid 19th Century - quite a challenge!

There is no way that we could have accomplished as much as we did without
Andriy's professional Service and Guidance. His assistance at all times
has been invaluable and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Western Ukraine Tours.

Country: Australia

Ashleigh Kobewka

I have just returned from Ukraine to meet long lost relatives and had an absolutely fantastic time. Andriy, the owner of Western Ukraine Tours was our tour guide/ Interpreter and I could not recommend him enough. Andriy is very professional at what he does but he is also very easy to get along with and we had many laughs whilst in his company.

Andriy is a very safe driver and made us feel as ease at once. Andiriy even went the extra mile and helped a family member get medical attention even after we had parted company. At a distressing time he was there and the whole family are extremely greatful.

If anyone would like a reference feel free to drop me an email and I would be happy to give Andriy an outstanding reference. He is after all an outstanding Interpreter/ researcher and our guide.

Thanks again Andriy.

Country: England